It hit my head hard like a sledgehammer, when I saw him in a pool of blood. I was staring at his glowing skin, forgetting that he was about to be associated with the ghosts. The strong love I had for him made me cold, like a little child sent out to get a matchstick in the rain. The tears coming from my eyes were like raindrops. My handkerchief was dripping with tears. 

     Suddenly, darkness was upon the earth. Children cried aloud for help, parents searched around for their children. "The mighty one is gone," I kept on saying repeatedly. I began to cry uncontrollably like an open tap. I cried and cried like a hopeless being. Still on the spot, I felt relieved. I began to think on what he taught, the miracles he performed. I walked home joyful, remembering all his testimonies on earth. Creatures knew that the creator of the creation was gone.

      Three days later, it was all over the news. The Punch Newspapers captured the event. -He Has Risen- The tribune put it this way, - Unbelievable! He Arose!-  I was about to unwrap my seventh fufu with ogbono soup when the news got to my doorstep. I was very happy . He smiled at me, I smiled back.  He showed me true love.

PS: Salvation is for all. All is for Jesus. He died for us all. Surrender all to him and he will give you all. True love comes from Jesus. Jesus loves you. Won't you love him back?

Adedeji Michael.