Too much of everything. 


There is an unbalance in this very world. Some people have so much in the sense of material things in the context of good cloth, houses, food and luxury. Others have very little, not enough food not even dirty water to drink. No safe place to live. It, been not fair is no stone of argument to be rolled. Life itself is unfair.

Does an awareness of this unbalance, change anything about the way you live? Or are you some how guilty of over-consumption? The Bible calls it gluttony. Eating more than your belle can contain. Having veges jotting down your ajar lips because your belle is full. Using more more than you need is similar to those who waste what they don't need.

Remember this story, when God provided manna for the Israelites. God's simple instructions to them was, "Each day, take all you need; but only what you need should you take. Don't try to hoard the manna." But they did fail the test. Some took more than they could eat up and they blocked the rain of food. That was the end to manna.

People might not know how much you waste that which you don't need or how much you take more than you can chew but God. But it can be better if we share and make some get the old cloths we have no need of, instead of burning them up. It would be better on some that have non. 

The meal you think has no taste or is in excess can give some, strength why not let them have it. 

We need to help the less. Life might be unfair but we stand to make it a better place with the little we have in our power. 

©Isenhart Alex