_I must admit, I have nil idea what came over me. I hope you enjoy the confusion I intend to rain on your soul with this write-up_ 


Call 911 for me the souls of literature are being burnt in a furnace of criticism. 

Hand over the affidavit , I shall pen my disagreement with the proofreaders who constantly sue little typos. 

Do they not know that the isolated island of literature was carved on a horde of dynamism ?

Do this! Do that! This grammar is wrong! That word has been misspelt! That tense is wrong! The handwriting is not legible! The words are fragmented. Too many proofreaders have been littered in the suffocating ancient island of literature. But shall I say something? 

I deem it an expedient and indeed a single honour and responsibility to bestow upon my head, the leapfrogging long tip of a pen, soiled with the milk of reasoning and immersed in the pool of wisdom, that I shall without an air of doubt carve my name, not in the popular encyclopedia of philosophy or on the title page of modern literature's nonexistent newspaper but in-between the lines of writers who do not care what scornful or ignominious words people articulate against their works. 

Try as critics may, without that illegible handwriting or fragmented grammar, their existence will be as needless as the tears of a burning grave.

May I also, with all stockings of nonchalance , profess that this world of critique is utterly beyond the shores of pathetic. This world without the writers whose souls wallow in eternal disappointment in how terrible the tables of literature have turned and those whose works constantly reimburse into the art, the lost beauty of literature, there wouldn't be a single voice box which could ever lay a beauty into a world which shares the same bowl of similitude with a mermaid whose beauty causes the oceans to sob.

To this indescribably  liberating end, I shall once again descend my anger onto those who find a gawky beauty in putting and grinding to a halt, the works of another man. Literature in any form is beauty and beauty in any form is best described by literature!

¬©Evans Khojo Kwofie