There are countless legitimate reasons to feel hopeless in the face of a challenge world affairs, or your personal health, career or relationship challenges. But moving forward and succeeding depends on having the right attitude .

Follow these tactics to combat everyday blues, and to pivot when you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of despair.

1. Accept that life is cyclical.

Remind yourself of past times when things looked dismal but ultimately turned around.

2. Make a list of all of your blessings.

This puts energy and focus into the good in your life and shifts your paradigm. It also attracts more good.

3. Give.

When you worry about the future, those feelings often stem from a place of lack and fear . Reach out to someone you care about, and do them a favor. Listen to someone else having a hard time. Spend time volunteering with those less fortunate.

4. Take action.

Pessimism can be paralyzing. Write down a specific problem that is upsetting you whether it’s a symptom of geopolitical strife, a professional challenge, or simply feeling lonely. Write down one thing you will do each day to make it better. Do that thing.

5. Read, watch and listen.

Read articles and books, watch movies and listen to interviews about successful people . A common theme? Conflict. It’s the human condition; the choice is how you respond.

6. Shake it up.

If you see no way out of a situation, do something different. Whether you’re trying a new marketing tactic for your business, traveling solo to somewhere you’ve never been, taking a new route to the office, or shaking up your breakfast routine different action nets different results and a different mindset.

©Tilewa Adeyemi