plans and will 


There is no major act behind, denying the fact that life is about been busy. In our current World there is no back door to how time can be altered. It can't be.

But It has always been a challenge to set out priorities and stick out to them with determination. So many things that cry out for our time and energy are things that are needed to be done. Things that will tell later in the future if not done. 

At times we spend time tweaking junks bank and planning around pointless activities because we know not what to do with time. We lack Planning when we have nothing to plan for

But Here is a way. Why not talk to the one who created time. The one who first worked with time. The one who once maximized timing.

 Why not commune with the one true Creator and ask him about the plans he has for you. He will definitely help you draft out a perfect plan. Tell you how to go about things that needs to be done. Though accomplishment is pegged on hard work.  But it all becomes easy if he is with you. 

Here is where prayer comes in. Ask him for direction and guidance in discovering his will and plans for your life. Then thank him concerning the plans he has for your life as you anticipate ultimate manifestation. 

© Ifechukwu A. Mbanugwo