Three amazing facts about onions

Yea onion, aside from cooking, onion has a lot of benefits, I guess u don't know

1. Do you know boiling some onions in water and using the cooled water on ur hair, will make ur hair grow super fast and give it a wonderful appearance everyone would be jealous of. -no lies. Never expect one from me. 

No need to worry about a lingering bad smell , it will be off after u shampoo it.

2. They are helpful in maintaining good health and have anti cancer and antimicrobial properties according to the National onion association. That might sound funny, but it truly do exist. Just keep adding onions to everything you cook. Not like adding onion in Eba ooo.

3. Onions can be used to cure skin tag. In case you are wondering what skin tags are let me explain. Skin tags are small, soft, benign, skin growth often on a stalk.

Chop 1onion into small cube and add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to it. Mix and leave overnight . The next morning crush d salted onion to extract d juice, apply d juice on d tag, wrap d area with bandage. Repeat it 1time daily for 10-12 days.


If onion makes u cry, try to freeze it for an hour before slicing

And for d bad breath, try eat an apple, it will help conceal the odour.

¬©Rebecca Akomolafe