The beauty of the world is in your idea to unleash something new.

You are a co creator with God to make difference. You have the capacity to bring into existence in this world, things that never existed before.

You are not designed to be stranded by any particular situation. You are designed to be an investors, creator and innovator.

You can create beauty out of the chaos of your life, God started creation and did not finish it because he has created a new set of being who were created in his image and loaded with ideas to unleash.

God created apples but did not created apple juice. God created tree but did not make chair, he left all that waiting for us to make a different. He created crude oil but didn't created petroleum.

There are whole lot of things we have not discovered because they are waiting for the quality idea that will come through our mind, because ultimately our world shapes itself after our idea

The people who really control our world are the one who control our thinking. Money flows in the direction of idea. Ultimately, you will attract the material equivalent of your most dominant thought.

Once you can create things that has value that will meet needs in people's  life, and definitely money will come in your direction. Let me leave you with this


©Emmanuel Oluwaseyi