I could have talked about anything else tonight, but I choose to discuss them. 

Don't think too far! This will be long and elaborate, if I let you start the right way! 

Look up in Oxford Old Advanced Learner's Dictionary or any other, the word 'Them.' You might have a heart attack, generated by the immediate fear of trying to figure out how to eat up the entire definition. 

You might end up with a bursting brain that would make you require a bandage, to restrain your head from falling off. 


Let's ride! 

Have you ever considered writing an equation, without fitting yourself in a beneficiary angle?

Not a triangle thing, but a real life equation; no pies or cake. 

Have you ever thought about everyone else, and not yourself? 

That's what 'them' is all about.


The car is broken? 

Now, the car is broken! 

Can we loosen this engine?


Let's analyse the word 'THEM.' 

We don't need much knowledge to get this right! 

Anytime you mention 'them,' you've literally just cast yourself out of the equation. 

It's a selfless kind of life.

It means...

You doing things at times, for no benefit!

You, doing things right, not because it's going to pay you! 

You, thinking of others for a while, not yourself... 

You letting that lady get into the bus before you.


This is not for anyone living in Lagos, biko! Throw punch for your bus!


For real, if you thought about others, you wouldn't try shifting that your leg in a public bus, knowing how dangerous your fart is.

That's drunk wickedness.

When you think of 'THEM,' you think of other people before yourself. 

I learnt one thing quick enough...

And it was to always help others achieve their dreams, without hoeing around for benefits...  Them.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya