The in between relationship


Of course, it's not just individuals who get struck in between; a whole relationship might  get struck as well. In the place of in-between, friendships can fall apart,couples can feel like giving up on their marriage, and family problems can explode with disastrous consequences. 

When your relationship is in between, it means that both of you are struck in a paralysis that neither of you seems able to escape. 

Most relationship get paralyzed because someone is very much unwilling to take the next step God has told them to take. If you know you in a struck relationship. Take the initiative. Listen closely to God's voice speaking to you; maybe he's telling you to be honest with a friend or partner and explain why you went off the deep end. Perhaps he's whispering to you to ask your spouse to forgive you for an argument that took place last night.

I believe that we often know that we ought to do. God makes these things pretty clear. But fear,pride,or shame keeps us away from doing exactly what it takes to restore the relationship. The good news is that God wants your relationship to be restored even more than you do, and he's the only one with the power and wisdom to fix the bug and broken pieces of your heart.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity or fear,it's time to declare PNR. Make the decision to commit to moving forward. No turn

©Isenhart Alex