Ten Amazing facts about water

You know what water his and I believe you know it does more than Digestion to the system. Let's just go through this fact, maybe you would a few new stuffs.

1. Down you know, two third of the water being used in a home is used in the bathroom

2. Less than 1%of the water supply on earth is used as drinking water. 

3. By the time a person feels thirsty, his or her body has lost over 1% of its total water amount.

4. A person can live about a month without food , but only about a week without water.

5. A small drip from a faucet can waste as much as 75 liters of water a day.

6. It takes about 450liters (120gallons) of water to produce one egg.

7. Water makes up a full 70% of our body mass.

8. Human bone are 25% of water.

9. The weight we lose directly after intense physical activity is weight from water, not fat.

10. Insufficient intake of water is actually a risk factor for colon, breast, urinary tract cancer , such as cancer of the kidney, bladder, prostate, etc

So therefore, let make sure we drink plenty of water.

Know you know new facts about water. A thank you won't be too much. See you soon with newer facts.

¬©Rebecca Akomolafe