I remember when we fought over car and house catalogues. When we would rightfully scream at anyone that pointed at what we already chose.

We saw every wrong thing and wanted to grow up to put them right but the reality of what is not dawned on us, and our thoughts partnered with limitations. We continued sleeping, but stopped dreaming.

Our big minds shrunk. We became satisfied with small things, and the world is a small place became our anthem. We became hustlers and not thinkers. We want to ride but don’t want to be stressed. We want to wear designers but are handicapped to design.

We became more of users than manufacturers, more of teachers than learners, Jack of all trade, Master of none.

So experienced that we lack inspiration. We want to own but don’t want to build. We stopped believing and started misbehaving.

Let’s work the work, say yes to a revived generation and get zeal with understanding. We got so much to live too small.

Let possibility be our trade mark and diligence the order of the day.

©Fidamilola Olojede