Standing Right

How do  you make decisions? 

Do you just act according to what you see or hear? or Do you act on just your assumptions.

Sometime we seem  to have forgotten that God gave each and everyone of us the ability to stand for what we want. 

We simply have forgotten that when you aren't in control of your life, people are in control of it.

Where exactly do you stand when it comes  to decision making? 

We  do go far in thoughts  not wanting to make a mistake  in making decisions. Despite how far we go in thoughts, we still end up making the wrong decisions. 

Facts is all clear that as humans, we aren't perfect. But it doesn't mean we should go wrong in decision making all the time or even making a habit out of it.

Where do you stand in decision making?

Sometimes we make decisions and  end up blaming people when the results comes out.

Making decisions has become something so hard for us to do.

We seem to be so afraid when it comes  to us.

Does it mean we do not know where we stand or where to stand?

So many has become fed up with the journey of life, simply because they find it so difficult or afraid in deciding on what it's best for them. 

How do you intend to move from point to point if you find it difficult standing for what your mind tells you it's the best.

I agree with the fact that 'life is all about taking risks, but the Bible made us to understand that God in his creation of man didn't just gave human  power over all He created. He also gave them power over their own lives.

As a boss of your life, you should know what is best for you.

You aren't living to believe in what people said, but living to believe in yourself. 

The rightful you is right within you, and you can only come to understand it when you take a second thoughts before making your decision.

Don't be fast in making decisions. 

Don't let your mind be focused on what you see outside you. Rather, make it focus on what it's inside of you, because the real you is in you.

If  you have ever tried making  a decision, then you will realize it's the hardness obstacle we human do face on a daily basis, simply because we  don't listen to our ourselves. 

We choose to listen to the voice of people, and when the card comes back spinning; we begin throwing blames on the people around. 

Learn to know where you stand in decision making. Listen to  yourself other than the people around.

I am not disputing counsel. But you don't just act on every counsel without taking it back in thoughts.

©Alex isenhart