When you are done reading this, you would want to ask me for my account details just to say Thank you.

 Swissgolden is an Online store that trades in 24 Carat Gold with 999.9% Purity. 

The best you can find.

This is a duly registered company in The British Virgin Island.

They're registered corporately with Headquarters in the British Virgin Islands, and has its legal and admin

offices in London and Germany. www.swissgolden.com

 Before you ask, let me answer your question!

Is it another Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme?

 NO! NO!! NO!!!

Infact I consider that question an insult on our  personalities here & that of the company.

Let me educate you briefly on what a Ponzi is...

 Ponzi is simply a system that promises to enrich people hugely without a commensurate work or value

provided....you hear any of these used in their automated sense MATCHING...PAIRING...ETC

 It simply uses the money of new investors to pay off old investors.

 And when there is no more investor

to rip off, the system crashes!

 1. Here is Swissgolden, our product is GOLD. 

Precious and valuable metal.

 Synonymous to money.

Everyone wants gold. 

So you're rest assured you have a valuable product.

2. We are registered and incoporated in British Virgin Island. 

BVI don't endorse Ponzi schemes!

3. We are in our5th year and in over 100 countries.

These are pictures ofthe recently concluded Swissgolden Conference held in Abuja.

U can also find pictures of our newly launched Africa office in Ikeja, Lagos.

 Ponzis have no product or service that offers value which can be exchanged for cash!

Ponzis Never last more than 1 year. (Max 2 years)

Hear This!!!

Swissgolden has come to stay. 

And it will reign for a very long time.

The question is...

 Are you going to take the opportunity now, later or never???

 It's all up to you!

As a team, our mission is to raise over 100 new Gold Millionaires this year 2017.

 We will train you and

help you succeed.

You will never run this race alone. 

A few months from now, you will look back and say indeed, "The Lord

has been gracious untome"

They are:

The Start Program

75 euros

The Main Program

 280 euros

The VIP Program and

The VIP Plus Program

These programs are presented in Tables of orders...

 How Does Swissgolden Work?

How do you make your first 2100 euros (over N1Million Naira, that's over 10,000 desks) in the Shortest time Possible?

Remember this is a Business and NOT a salary job.

Every business starts with an Investment. Yes!

The minimum amount you will invest is 75 euros (N46k, 460cedis) or 280 euros (N153k, 1,530cedis)

This places you in the bonus program.

Bear in mind, there are 4 Basic Programs in Swiss golden with varying levels of investment and bonuses...

 WAYS OF PAYMENT.....YOU CAN ORDER FOR YOUR GOLD  INCOME TO BE SENT VIA COURIER....OR SELL IT BACK TO THE COMPANY AND GET PAID IN EUROS (TRANFERD FROM YOUR SWISSGOLDEN ACCOUNT TO YOUR DOM EURO bank account.....or collect in local currency by converting it to coupons and selling for new registrations


Investment : 75 euros N46,000 that is 460cedis


Investment: 280 euros N153,000 that is 1530cedis

You may choose to begin from any of these two tables. 

Depending on how fat your pocket is....

We have members that closed these two tables in less than 30 days and walked away with their money!

@‪+233 57 196 2433‬  can share his testimony of closing his table and earning in a week and two days!

 So Who Wants To Be A Millionaire???