SEX CODE 002.. 

RAPE is simply you forcing someone to have a sex with you. Sex with violence is a perfect synonyms. 

Guess what? Women fall a victim of this more frequent than men. Yes! and Yes! why?

Ladies trigger rape! We trigger men to get us raped. See what I mean. I have Four reasons to prove my point. 

-you don't want to get raped, you walk in the dark alone even when you know it is very dangerous. 

_you wear seductive clothes, dressing to kill even when you are feeling naked in it. That simply triggers any guy to rip you apart. They will come with force even when you are not ready to sleep with them and they will go through you like a wild lion breaking a famine curse with a fat cow. 

_you are the type who don't know how to control your tongue when talking about your private and sexual state. Imagine a lady announcing among her colleagues that she is a virgin,who will hear that and wont want to confirm. Some might even be pushed with so much jealousy that they set her up. 

How to avoid it?

Check the points above and watch yourself. In case we missed out on some points or you think you have a better idea use the comment box. 

Have a wonderful week 

©Bolatito Adefemi