It seem inexplicable why most academically  sought after students on campus failed to finish with a First Class grade? 

It is not but the handiwork of sadists lecturers...

These sadistic lecturers are the masterminds behind the failure most sought after students encountered on campus which stopped them from achieving their goals of a FIRST CLASS result.

The only thing that makes these lecturers happy is the failure of their students most especially those ones that prove to be more academically sound than some others and engage in some activities they don't like, lets say tutorials and compilation of materials for students. And after a student of such could have been failed as a result of their sadism, they have no valid and genuine reason than saying such student  proves to be brilliant more than they do. That is the result of his brilliancy.' In their own world, failure is the reward of brilliancy. 

For instance, in Adeyemi college of Education, Ondo, biology department to be precise there are some category of lecturers that rejoice over student’ failure. There was  course called genetics, Angiosperm taxonomy, and plant physiology,….to cut the story short, students did the exam of those aforementioned courses and the result was out, the lecturer in charge of genetics took the result to he Head of Department because those that failed was large, the HOD was very happy

Secondly, Angiosperm taxonomy was very awesome, that the HOD collected the result from the lecturer in charge to mark the student down,

Thirdly, pertaining to plant physiology, out of 300 student that offered the course, 161 student carry it over, the students lodge complaints to the HOD, she said the result is fine.

How would a student burn the candle at both ends and would, at the end, fail even the course he had perfectly taught others before exams?  Some may say, 'maybe he could not remember it in the examination hall.' It is not that. The unforeseen human hand of sadism had touched it and rendered his efforts, useless. But what is their joy?  

Some would even tell students before examination that there is nothing they could write that could  give them an A-grade. Come to think of it, there is no amount of research you carry out or resourceful materials you garner on that said course that would make you have an A-grade. That is the handiwork of sadistic lecturers. 

What those lecturers don’t understand is that it will be hard for them to progress either and if it is not, it will be hard for their children to progress.

Cuz their student might later come across the student that their parent had failed before.. Now tell will such atudent tamper justice with mercy except such student has the fear of God.

Should you not know, these lecturers have the information of every student at heart. Their matriculation numbers and names are learnt by heart and committed to memory. Once yours is added to their collection, you need God's intervention to succeed.  

Aside that, any student that engages in tutorials is likely to fail gallantly. They see you as a rival who competes with them on their field. They always look forward to seeing your downfall and mocking you amidst those that see you as their tutor or better still, lecturer.  Manipulation of grades is their best preserve. What you write does not determine what you get. They give you the grade that comes from their mind. You could have a D-grade in a course you had assiduously worked for an A-grade. What do you think makes students imagine after release of results how they could have had a low grade in spite of the excellent answers supplied during the examination? 

If you didn't fail throughout your years on campus, don't be too happy when you have not seen the Senate approved list for your set because you could still fail even the course you had clearly seen an A-grade belonging to you. 

Sadistic lecturers can still create havoc on your result before it is being approved by the Senate. 

Until these lecturers are flushed out of the school system, you may remain a supposed by First Class student.  

Tilewa Adeyemi