Have you heard about some sort of people who eat what everyone should eat and don't get satisfied? Then they eat more and eat more? 

They keep eating till they are full. 

What do you think about this kind of people?


I don't think so! 

I think they have their own priority.

They have their own limit and it's different from every other person's. 

Here is the good thing! They don't stop till they are satisfied!

Get it! 


Let's talk about utility a bit.  Don't mind my short story.

Sometime back in secondary school, one of the most technical stuff I was taught in my Economics class was UTILITY.

I will break it down. 

Then, we were taught that if a thirsty man hits at a glass of water, the first glass would quench more of his thirst than the glass of water coming up later.

Then the term 'Utility' comes up, and it was said that the first glass had more utility than the coming glasses. 

Let's do it in percentages. I am going somewhere. 

If your test is 100%,

The first glass would quench 60%.

The next would quench 10% and the next 5%. 

Look at the chain! As you move up and as you drink more, you quench less thirst. 


So is our lives and satisfaction. 

Some stop at the first cup feeling they are satisfied, but they have 40% unfilled. 

Some don't stop until they hit 100%.

How do you chase your dreams? 

You go back halfway! Or you crack up to exploring your total potential?

People have limits, priorities, end points while some have enlarged their stomachs to take more, achieve more and they won't stop till they are satisfied. 

Well for some, there is never a thing as satisfaction.