I know you have your expectations high and glassy, but I need to tell you this. 


You can say no to Sex only if you want to. All the reasons and points stated below won’t stop you from having sex except you have decided to stop. They are just point to guide you so your decision of having sex no more can be grinded and true. 

I believe it is time to stay out of sex, if you really desire to marry right it means you need to attract your Mr. Right and settle for a beautiful marriage. You need to check yourself with the points stated below. It is no time to tell you why you need to stay out of sex. We believe anyone reading these; already have reasons why they want to stay out of sex. This topic has been covered in another book written by the same author.

Here are the ten possible reasons men may be sleeping with you and I know you are sick and tired of being used and dumped. The points are short, precise and have been proven to have worked severally.

1. CHECK YOUR DRESSING: A female's body means nothing to her. We females are used to seeing each other’s breasts, and every soft body part of their body; all our life. It doesn't mean a thing to us females but to guys, it means the universe! Men are moved by sight. Wearing armless (exposing your shaved armpit and upper arm) can turn a man on; talk less of the low neckline blouse, exposing the cleavage of your breasts. Tight trousers which show the shape of your buttock, mini and micro miniskirts exposing your thigh all can make a man go wild. Better face reality now and mind the way you dress. Some ladies say it doesn't matter; men should be able to control themselves. You are entitled to what you wear, then you should be able to control yourself when they start asking you for sex and not come here lamenting all men are dogs.

2. LEARN HOW TO SIT: Some ladies don't know how to sit, especially the skirt wearing sisters. You sit in front of a guy and open your laps. What do you want him to see? A trance! Yeah, he saw a lot of it! Always close your thigh when you are sitting whether in front of a guy or not. Not sitting very well can become a habit and it mess you up frequently. Now you wonder why all the brothers in church want to sleep with you, you must have been showing most guys staring back from the front roll all you have under your map.

 I was on a bike one day when I saw a fully grown lady seating in front of her shop facing the busy road. She wore a short gown and her thigh had a large central hole. Everyone who passed and looked left must have seen her holy of holies. No wonder that road has recorded a lot of meaningless accident. Bike men can’t just look away. And If men start asking her for sex, she will tell us she doesn't know why men are disturbing her. She doesn’t know most men thinks she has that done on purpose. Sister! Caution yourselves!

3. YOU TOUCH MEN ALOT: Ladies who touch, hug and wrap themselves around guys are sexual magnet to sexually immature guys. Why are you always hugging, touching, smooching, caressing and pecking, for what? Can't you talk without touching, holding and hugging someone? Some even sit on a guy’s lap all in the name of a conversation and they say it doesn’t matter; he is just a brother in Christ. What if the brother’s humble smith refuses to go humble and he get a fracture all because his jean would restrain his rise. Don’t you think brother humble smith will come back hunting for you? He would soon be a lover in bed. Learn to control your emotions around the opposite sex. If you must hug, go look for your fellow lady to hug. 

4. CALLING MEN PET NAMES: Personally, I won’t like to blow a trumpet around this point. But girls fail to see the danger here. You calling a girl a lot of pet names trigger something in his system. It makes him go wide. He feels you have something for him, whereas you think he is just a friend. Finally he locks it off when he starts calling you those pet names. He is just repaying your goodness. Soon a bond is formed and he has your back down from a friend zone. You know what I think about pet names? Don’t be too vague at using it. Don’t use it for anyone you don’t know what intention they have for you so well. But intentions do change so pet names can be checked and put on the radar. 

5. YOU PRAISE MEN TOO MUCH: This shouldn't be a problem at all but experience has laced my head with the fact that men are attracted and suddenly absorbed into a large vacuum of praises. Let me break this down. I can see your eyes turning in a cycle of confusion. You can compliment men if you want to, but be discreet and casual about it. Don’t over do anything. Telling a guy "whao! What a nice moustache you 've got or that muscle on your arm can make any lady go crazy for you" is indirectly telling him that you love his body and you keep saying that every time you see him. You just can’t telling him how nice his brows her. You even touch it every hour. Oh sister! You even told him he has a sexy brain. I think you are twisting the tigers tail soon he will be coming for you think. You … I really don’t need to finish that up.


I need to cough now. Good! I am done.

 When I see the way some ladies pose on Facebook, instagram, snapchat and many other social platforms. I wonder what they are really looking for. Why turn your buttock to the camera? Do you want him to know you have firm breasts? Some will even be giving a seductive eye movement and you expect him not to call "hot and sexy"(a language only met for sex objects, some will post half naked pictures, braless pictures revealing your shady nipple trapped behind a tight short top. what is the purpose of the pictures you are posting? Is it to make twenty five silly guys masturbate every time they come online? So you turn your timeline to an official porn site. 

8. YOU ALWAYS MEET GUYS IN DARK AND LONELY PLACES: You pulled the trigger here! You don’t want mosquito into your house and you haven’t fixed a door. Is that possible? You meet guys in dark and lonely places. (Mission accomplished). Sex has finished its mission. Sex loves dark and lonely places. Wait, why are you always avoiding the public? You want to talk? Can't you still be around people and stay out of earshot? What are you talking about that you don’t want anyone to see your mouth move? Wow! It is romantic at night right? Wake up sister, if you can't text or send a message, call you, and meet you where people are or meet you where the lights are on; forget the discussion. You don't need to hide in darkness to express your heart.

Let me give you an handy tip for free. Do you want to stop having sex with that very guy? Don’t fix an appointment with him in private places like your room or his. Meet where you have a lot of people and don’t see at night in lone places. 

9. YOU SLEEP OVER IN HIS HOUSE: Why are you in a hurry? What is your problem? Some ladies can't wait for a man to propose. They pack their bags and move to his house immediately. For what? And when that one gets tired of sex, he sends them packing, and then they look so cheap. Even we ladies get tired of our favorite meal. Some don't even expect him to ask for sex. Aah! Who dash monkey banana? You are lying on the same bed with him and you are looking as fresh as Agege bread straight from the oven and you say he should not eat? Or are you planning to sleep in suits. Aunty every time you sleep over in his place is a risk. And sex is all you have to pay. 

10. YOU EXPECT MEN TO ASK FOR SEX: As a man thinks in his heart so he is. Its also applicable to women. Some ladies think because they are exceptionally beautiful, men will always ask for sex. So it's not really their fault that they sleep around. That’s a big lie from the pit of hell. I know of a woman, very beautiful with the necessary curves and shapes. It is easy to mark her out from afar with long, spotless and sexy legs. Though, she uses no makeup or jewelry yet she has a stunning face that had made many men look twice. She married as a virgin, and before she did uncountable sense brand men, with a fire smoking tongues, champagne washed bank balance, gold laced shoe, blazing cars had proposed to her before her husband came. None of them came because they wanted to have sex; they came because of her uniqueness and wanted to marry her. With all her big assets, she surrendered her virginity to her husband. I trust some ladies, if you could just slightly have this kind of assets; all they think whenever a guy comes around is sex. Soon you will be using puna money to build an estate, buy 12 choppers and even rug every wall of your street. You need to work on your mind. Thinking all men will die if they don’t get you on your back because you have a sexy body is stupid. Not all men lose their senses when they see a woman with seductive body.

A virtuous lady dresses well to cover and reserve her body, she also comport herself around men. You will be addressed the way you dress. Guys are always asking you for sex. Check what is wrong and fix it. God bless you. 

Have you tried any of this and you still find yourself been laid out of your own will. You can call this line in case you need someone to speak to concerning matters like this: 08131685472, call for Godly and responsible counsels today. It is not too late to be your dream girl. #DOSH_CARES.