Reasons why most Nigerian girls get pregnant at the adolescent stage(18years below)

Taking a look at the contemporary society of  Nigerian,  most of the girls below the age of 18years don't feel a restrain, sailing the sex full life. Infact most already have their idea altered. They take sex as what must be done. They depend on its satisfaction like they stay on oxygen. Why dem no go get belle? I mean why won't they get involved in the pregnancy saga. 

If we tail a lengthy rope on this issue. We might be fair and some might tag our level of discrete sanity as unfair. But truth be told. Some of them are responsible. Why some have been left irresponsible. 

 However, there are some factors which might have led to the evolvement of pregnancy at adolescent stage and they will be outlined below. Let's go through this together you might challenge me when I am done.

  poverty: It is one of the essential factors which subject most girls in the society to run into adolescent pregnancy. Due to poverty most girls may not be able to meet their desire needs and wants, which may trigger them falling into such act and they become victims

lack of parental support/advice: most girls in today world lack parental support. They are not been aid by their parents either morally or advice on each face of life they meet themselves. But to be honest, most of them don't open up to their parents.

peer group influence: some girls are been influence by their friend who they are of the same age. So they are left with no choice but to do what their friends do.

Lack of Education: it was one said that  "illiteracy is a desies". Education also contributes to the development of a girl life; it liberate them about how to reflect to each stage they all meet themselves for instance. A little bit of sex education would do.

┬ęToheeb Raji