ng for what’s not working

I’m too broke, I don’t technically now how, I’m too busy, I’m too old like Ogbomoso tortoise..

Hark to the truly successful people excuses, one thing is constantly standing out, they don’t make any, rather, they own their choices and bear full consequence for the result they create, what they do and what they don’t

If you truly need to carry out some task, then do it, you need to stop lying to yourself about why you haven’t done it already

Too busy?

Try and adjust your items that are relatively importance !!!

Your friends or family won’t support you?

Find people who will !!!

Too old or too used up?

These are just arrant excuses !!!

I basically understood the principle of life which expresses thus ;

“ If you really want to do something badly or you need something some Paramount, you’ll find a way of getting it done, if you don’t, you will find an excuse” it’s as simple as ABC

Success only come when your dreams get bigger than your excuses

More often than not, our excuses are just lies wrapped up as reasons to avoid the area worth of living our best lives. Yet you and I do now too well hat you are better than that, and you are selling yourself short when you make excuses but the inconveniences truth of excuses is that the quality of your life is shaped by the quality of your excuses. Ops!!!!! It hurts? It sound harsh, but most of your excuses you’ve been making are simply way to cover up for the fact that either you don’t want t do something or you’re scared of been fucked that if you try you’ll fail and just feel like a loser.

You only live once( YOLO) you only get one life, and delayed action exact progressive toll the longer you live it

Don’t squander the best year of your life on unnecessary excuses that keep you living a small and safe like an insect, and settling for the less than the life you re capable of living. Be bigger than your best excuses.

What one need most in life something which is “RIDING ON IT'