privilege of prayer. 


Prayer may be the least understood of all privileges affordable to believers.

Before we go through the basics or the privileges of prayer let's go through this question. 

 Are you truly able to change God's mind when you ask for something from him in prayer? 

Does God listen to you and does he how you feel?

Does he work according to your wish or does he do things his own way? 

I would answer non of this questions but I can tell you an emphatic yes, if you would ask me. Does he answer prayers. But know, it would be tailed with a catch.

  The catch am talking about is you been in tone with him. Then you will be desiring what he wants from you and praying in that direction. 

Take a time and think about the kind of privilege it is to come closer to your Creator with your requests and concerns. He wants to know your desire.

 He wants to know what concerns you.

 He wants to know you can trust and have a full faith in Him, then he can fulfill all your heart desires according to what he planned for you. He wants to know you trust Him enough to ask for his intervention and help.

The privilege of prayer is another great gift giving to us by the Creator.

©Isenhart Alex