What is prayer and why do we pray?

So many today still do not understand why they pray. Prayer isn't just a conversation, but it's a foundation which keeps us closer to our Creator, or a way in which we communicate with our Creator. 

On the other hand, it's a battle line between us and the devil, or a weapon of safety from the hand of the devil.

The Bible made it clear that the devil is never happy whenever we pray. 

It's true we all pray, but the question is 'do we pray from the innermost part of our heart?'

So many times we pray and it seems as if it isn't answered. 

Sometimes we blame it on our sins. Yes! It's true that sin is something that separates us from our Creator, but never forget what the Bible says "Our God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins if we can confess and flee from it." You can only achieve that through prayer.

When you want to pray. Make sure you are prepared from the innermost part of your heart. 

Don't just say it like it's a word that should be said at all cost.

​why do we pray?​

The Bible says "for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." I take this to be the very reason we should pray.

The book of Genesis explains further by saying. " And God looked down and saw that the evil of men covered the earth, And this made him to be  grieved and repented over why he created man in his image."

The very reason we pray is to be closer to God.

​what are the important steps to start a prayer?​

Everything one does to be successful in life, has a step to follow. 

A new born baby didn't just start walking. 

A house was never built without it's foundation. 

There are step and processes one does to achieve something. 

In prayer, there are steps to take.

(1). Preparations.

You can't pray when you aren't prepared for it. So many will doubt it, but bear it in mind that prayer isn't just mere words nor conversation. 

When you want to pray. Make sure you're prepared for it.

Make sure every bit of of your word comes from your heart.

Make sure you are in the spirit with God.

Make sure you are focused on that prayer by making sure no other thought keeps flipping through your mind.

(2). Ask for forgiveness of sin.

This happens to be the main place we began to misuse the steps to a successful prayer.

Think for a second how your father could feel if you have offended him  and somehow you need his assistance. The only way to make amend or win his heart is to walk up to him and ask for forgiveness. This is a way to draw his attention to your words. Of course! He will listen and grant your request. 

So it is when you pray to God.

When your mind is prepared for prayer, make sure you ask for forgiveness of sin before proceeding into any other request that you may have in mind.

Prayer is the key to win God's heart and it must be done properly.