Every living human was born with a right to choose. And our varying choices are in line with the things we want on the long run, need at the moment and care about in general.
Different people, different manners, different faces, different conditions and, ultimately, differing mentalities are abound in this world.
No two persons have exactly the same thoughts, no matter how close the similarities they share in personalities, looks, attitudes and way of life. The slightest of differences can create an insurmountable rift. And from the world today, over the years, religion difference, language and skin complexion are the majorly observed physical form of the differences observed in humans.
The Human Rights law, enhances the criteria of differences in every human being in different ways. It gives room for everyone to exercise a personal logically viewed reservation of their own as the case demands in the form of opinion.
An opinion is the natural first instinct any man has of a particular environment he/she happens to be in or a scenario he/she has experienced in an instant or accumulated overtime and he/she is entitled to it.
A man's opinion is influenced by what he/she has experienced or what he/she believes in or that which he/she has heard from a trusted leader or friend and they'll happily stand by it in the face of aggravated intimidation. Some opinions are self induced. A sort of reparation where they make up their minds that, this is how they see the matter on ground and that's how it's supposed to be given the fact. That is how they understand the scenarios surrounding the matter and majorly won't be able to change their minds regarding the issue.

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