How really do you feel being away from home?

Maybe going to a friend's house. How really do you feel being entirely away from your home?.

For those who would think deep about this question will definitely understand that being away from home makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Your home is a place that belong to you.

It's a place where you have the right to do what you like.

You have the right to move about, do things the way it pleases you, because you  are the rightful heir to the place. 

You do things without the fear of being questioned  by anyone. 

You should be more aware that you can't have those access once you are away from home.

With this observations, you feel incomplete just the way you want.

Your spirit begin troubling you because it makes the real you feel like you're in prison. 

If you've ever tasted the fate of being in prison, then you should know how worried your spirit could be.

What i'm driving at in this article named "Not His Home" is, How do you feel  being in the world? Knowing you aren't in your home.

Are you the kind who feel relaxed? 

Are you the kind who takes a complete view in seeing this world as his home?

Just like a man who is away from home, we all are total strangers in this world.

No matter who you are. No matter what you are. No matter what you have in possession, or what you have built. This world is not your home, and that keeps you in the journey of "Not His Home."

Someday, somehow we shall leave this world. 

We are in the world just like a tenant who rented an apartment. No  matter how beautiful that apartment is nor how relaxed you are in it. Always be aware that someday, somehow you will leave, because it's not your home.

Wake up! Time is ticking and it waits for no one.

There is still much time to make preparation for returning back home.

Jesus said." In me you shall find rest."

Imagine yourself being seated closer to your Creator and his son. That God who gave you life. That God who in him you shall find rest.

That imagination is something everyone wishes to come to pass. But it leaves us with, "How prepared are you?"

On the last day. The trumpet shall blow and it shall all seem like a tenant who is being chased away by his landlord  because He couldn't afford to pay his rent.

There shall be no hidden place.

You shall appear before the throne of judgment to give account of your life.

This is not your home, neither is it mine.

Even Adam and Eve never had a permanent home.

The  journey of a thousand miles starts somewhere, but the end is within you. 

Be prepared, for you do not know when it shall be.