My phone rang after much anticipation, blessings! it was him. I was really happy to my marrow."Hello dear,are we still on later in the evening?" his soft voice came off the other end, "Yes" i replied with much enthusiasm. I dropped the call and rolled over the bed like i won a million dollar project. Finally i clothed myself in the best apparel in my closet and proudly, i wore the pair of shoe i borrowed from my sister. I got there earlier than the supposed time, i never understood what it was to make a guy wait on me. He came in an hour later and i was really pissed but happy he at least showed up. He was actually going to tell me when he called, to reschedule the meeting, but i never gave him a chance out of over excitement. I realised i was over dressed but that never pulled a string of bother on me. The waiter came asking us what we would like to take, pointing to the menu. I responded with "anything" and the guy looked at me in an awkward manner, there i go, playing my little trick, i smiled to ease the atmosphere. He eventually placed an order... After a moment of conversing, he told me his likes and dislikes so i decided to be myself in my own way. The waiter approached our table with a nice meal and i salivated and almost drooled at the sight of the food. I ate like i was breaking a 70days fast in my home, my teeth broke every bone it came across. Every bone i cracked he looked at me with a smile, on every sip my teeth attempted to rip the cup off its tip. 

I ate, couldn't stand well and yawned like i suffered insomnia. 

Finally it was time to go,the shoes i borrowed from my sister was a little bigger than me and i dragged it noisily. i was cautious of it's size so i made the dragging majestical. Little did i walk when i lost balance and twisted my ankle, i fell into the ground ruining my sister's shoe..

He smiled again this time waving his hands and that was all, he didn't even help me up. 

Weeks flashed across my cloud like lightening, but he never called again.