Have you heard about the new laser weapon?

Want to shoot the bad guy, and set your shot so well that it goes through a donut? Then you hit the bad guy on the hat, make him go bald and spare his life?

This weapon would be perfect. 

You could work for a license, get one in your backyard and terrorise your annoying neighbour with it. 

Over time, we have experienced several revolutions in the weapon industry, so much so that even after leaving a lot of stones untouched, we would still have to spend days and weeks counting the innovations. 

This didn't start today!  Sophisticated weapons have been since way back, with a lot of brilliant minds who had existed. 

>The new Laser Weapon System (LaWS), as demonstrated by the United State Navy operating in the Persian Gulf, is a recent big fish in the weapon industry. 

Outrightly, it was tested with a drone. The laser weapon was made to target the drone, and it took it out in no time. 

Now you are wondering; a missile can do that! Why is this unique and special?

Well, you were a bit forward. Check out these facts about the weapon:

First, it doesn't do draggy shots. What I mean is that the weapon operates at the speed of light; very fast and smooth. 

Except the target moves at a speed greater than that of light, only then can the laser miss out on its shot. This makes the laser 50,000 times faster than an incoming Intercontinental Ballistic Missile or ICBM.

No need to worry about natural interferences like the wind or stuff like range. It covers long distances and is fast to hit its target, better than a missile. 

Building and operating it is less expensive compared to other weapons. 

With facts, a laser shot doesn't cost more than a dollar, and the system runs on electricity. 


The new laser weapon is far better than every other weapon as per reducing casualties during a war or a fight. 

Let's break that down. 

It won't cause a massive and outrageous explosion because it is exact. 

It can be targeted at a ship's engine and it would only take out the engine, leaving the other parts of the ship intact. Yas! This brings me back to the opener of this post about shooting through donuts and leaving the eater alive. 

It can be implanted on ships for better use. It has been promised to be fixed on more ships by the year 2020, to put a head-to-head competition against other powerful weapons like the missile. 

And since drones and missiles are often used for attacks, the laser weapon would be a perfect defense plan as it can take them out easily without damage. 

>There are no major talks about adaptation except in January, when Britain stated that its military had already signed a $39 million deal with the European defense companies to build a prototype laser weapon.

This left me with a question!

Would this stop the overnight missile drop or the unnecessary drone attack? 

Yes, it would. Since it's easier to use, less expensive and can take out many targets quickly, it will win the war.