My white and red Val.                                                        

    It occurred to me how important valentine is to people and the so many plan we've got for it. The day of love, a day where the edge of love gets triggered and the day some kinda love ends. The fortunate day of white and red.

 A day people want to wear white footwear with red laces....

omg! Someone is asking these questions! who am I to share love with? or show love to?

 I say; self love is very important, show some love to you first and then share. Why? You can't give what you don't have. Before someone takes it too personal, just saying, lemme tell you what the colors of love say so you would know if you have misbehaved all in the name of sharing love. 

White is associated with light, goodness, purity,safety and it's considered the color of perfection and red speaks strength, power, energy, passion,love. Channel your energy right cause red is also the color of fire and it can burn. Have some fun but don't be the fun.

Share the goodies, I await mine...I stay close just near the coast of a country far away. 

Happy valentine in arrears 

©Fidamilola Olojede