It was a different thing to me, as much as I wanted to know more. I knew what I was about to do. 

We had been asked to read the steps in our manuals for weeks. 30 minutes into the practical, we were seated in the lab and fed to the fullest, on what we were going to do to the lab mouse. 

A year ago, I had to offer Microbiology as a course, where we had to grow bacteria through incubation and do lots more. I couldn't relate to the bacteria, as much as I was going to relate to the lab mouse. I felt it was me against a life. 

Back to the lab, where I sat with my big lips, finding it hard to get close, my legs shook as sweat rushed out my pores, like a broken tap. 

I was paired with some mates, and the first instruction, was to make the mouse unconscious. We could not dissect alive and cause the specimen pain. 

I had to take the mouse out, spin it around, while holding its tail, and disjointing its cervical cord after 30 minutes.

It became unconscious, and then, I began to remove its fur. I dissected it and identified vital organs. 

I brought out the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs and stomach and washed them in water, then alcohol, and water again, to fix the organs and prevent autolysis (self decomposition of the cells).

The organs were then contained in a jar of formalin. I buried the dead animal, following individuals from other groups and we all returned the next day to check. 

At last! We were done, and a week after, we were examined to see if our organs did not decompose. 

My group was graded later. We had a 40%. *Lol.* I didn't know what we did wrong, since all our steps were observed by our supervisor, who refused to help us with information or correct our errors. 

It wasn't the first of my practicals, but this opened a lot of windows. 

It was during the research for the practicals, that I stumbled upon P21 gene; its removal and its successful test on a lab mouse. 

The removal of P21 gene allows regrowth in humans. 

It was on this, that I laid the foundation of one of my fictional stories; over 30,000 words long (unpublished). I was on it for a month and completed the book late in 2015.

It was an awesome experience, friend. 

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┬ęGodwin Okhuoya