Just like this saying "many are mad but few are roaming" so is the case of a greedy man who loses integrity all in the name of acquiring wealth.

The excitement of getting all he can,canning all he gets and sitting on the can undisguised itself in a passion bordering on obsession.

Little did he know until he took a position in a nondescript suburban apartment . He was accepted in the rank of fools and maintained the posture of the needy.

What made the bad news so very very bad was the uncanny desire to always get more which earned him a standpoint of a professional beggar.

He gave himself up for a vision that isn't inspiring, working with people he barely cares about and performs a role that is repetitive.

Forgetting that money is of no use in the hand of a fool since he has no desire to get wisdom.

Did I say it is a bad thing out of this world to acquire riches? No but if your accumulation is not for distribution it makes you of no relevance.

©Fidamilola Olojede