What's it to your definition of money? 

What do you call money?

What do you refer to as money?

Does money equal value?

All these would be explained!

We are now part of a world where people get rich overnight, without having to do strenuous work or labour; either physically or mentally. 

Wise investments and some other legal factors might be the cause of that. 

This might get into the head. 

Some other people have made it up so quick and cheap, and that might have developed a tumour in their head, on the fact that every value can be exchanged for money. 

Money is important, but it takes more than money to acquire value (valuables). 

Let me go clearer with my terms. 

A story or two, might help pin on our subject some light, if focused on. 

Take this story!

A rich man walks into town to buy some acres of land to establish some firms, that would benefit the community in every way.  

Now, here comes the issue. The man believes so much in his money, he sent the best of his staff to see the community leader. All they talked about was why he wanted the land, how much money they had and how they could pay double or triple if the community was not willing to sell.

The community leaders told them to check back later for response, after a month. 

But, just after two days, the man's competitor landed in the town for the same mission. 

He walked the streets from end to end with no entourage, not knowing his news had spread like wild fire. They knew who he was and how rich he was. He spoke to people on the streets and asked questions. 

He noticed the day he came in was meant for community service, and he was out with them that evening to clear the gutters. He couldn't do much, but he was there to help the little he could. 

He met with the community leader on the third day and spoke to them about the land he wanted. He told them what good his company would benefit the community, if they gave him the land. He talked about his plans and offered to have a legal agreement with the community about his promises. 

They were going to gift him what he asked, but he insisted he was going to pay something. Then, he was asked to bring half of the worth of the land. 

He went to check the land the next day and he spotted another piece of land to the west of his. He wanted that spot too. He was told someone else already brought an offer. 

He went back home and invited the community leaders to have dinner with him. 

There, he talked to them, with so much humility, that despite the money he had, he made them all feel equal. They used the same kind of plates and spoons to eat. He made them all sit in the same room, and shock hands with them one by one, making sure he had personal contact with them. He also didn't leave out giving gifts. 

Before the second week, he already acquired the land that the second investor wanted, and had acquired all the sellable land he wanted in the region, before the year ran out.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya