It will be very difficult and lucid, if the leader micromanages a company. He can’t achieve success, and such a company cannot progress.

In micromanagement, the leader lacks confidence in his coworkers. He tries to carry out all the activities of the company himself, by scrambling the skills, knowledge, attributes of other workers. The harsh truth is, if the leader doesn’t know how to exploit other people's skills and application of knowledge, such a person should not be a leader.


This behaviour usually manifests when the manager condemns her worker’s work, or uses inappropriately harsh words on the workers. Some managers believe that the appraisal of a particular worker motivates the other workers to work extraordinarily, as a result of the praise. This is not the case, as doing so depresses, deteriorates the other workers,  and leads to negative effects in such an organization.

Bullying and appraising workers in a conference, meeting or any form of get together, lowers their morale and creates fear.


This centers on the unknown. When new leaders are assigned, and such a leader is afraid of making decisions, it may lead to resignation of the company's expertise. In psychology, avoidance is a maladaptive coping mechanism, characterized by the effort to avoid dealing with a stressor.

Inability of the manager to make bold goals, can affect the intellectual worker, and make him leave with his institutionalized knowledge. Avoidance is a common expression.

Lack of response

This is very common. The leader ignores calls, mails, and fails to even request for work to be treated, to avoid being exposed as inexperienced.

This insecurity type surfaces particularly in this technological world, where the manager’s technological experience does not measure with that of his coworkers.

In this type of situation, the manager finds it difficult to be comfortable, and he feels irrational around the workers.

Management is different from knowledge. You don’t have to an expert at everything to be a leader.

A good leader possesses the quality of getting results out of people.

©Tilewa Adeyemi