Make it visible

Life is not something we should hold on to like it would last for eternity. It comes and goes. You see someone today, tomorrow he's no more. You wonder if life is a journey. Yes! It is a journey, It's either you make it interesting to suit you or you  make it full of chaos.


   But one thing that differentiate you from that mediocre is the ability to make it visible. What do you make visible? Life- Don't just come to this world without making something visible. Myles Munroe says "anyone who hasn't got the reason for living is not fit to live." 

Without a drive you can never get to the top.

    One of the greatest scientist Sir Isaac Newton made us understand when he was stating the first law of motion. He said "A body will remain in it's state of rest except it's compelled by an external force." I agree with the law, bringing it to nature. If you continue to stay in a spot without moving. You will find out that life overcomes you.

     Life is full of evil and good but don't allow evil to overcome you. If you want to make that dream of yours visible you need some external force to keep you moving. You have to be focused- the hidden driver of success.

      A lot of people live and die without getting a grip of their passion for living. Do you have passion for that purpose and pursuit that  God has released unto you. If you see a man who is burning with passion you have seen a man who has discovered a reason for living. Make that career, talent visible. Don't hide it!!

      You cannot feature in the future you cannot picture. Do you have a plan?  In 5 years time what do you want to achieve? Begin to ruminate on that question.  Make that thing God has given you visible.


      A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE. Make it visible. I say again make it visible

  © Adedeji Michael