Love is a natural phenomenon.You can feel it anywhere,anyhow. It's a beautiful thing.

 But why do people see love as "immorality"? Nobody knows what that WORD means again most especially 'the too religious people',they take things into the other side,exerting too much force on the commandments thereby they end up doing it the wrong way.

There are two sides to the word 'LOVE' in the world today.

We have; 

THE PURE LOVE: This is just the perfect example of love in the bible.It consists of FAITH, PRAYERS, MODERACY and most especially PURITY among the other things involved.

A myth i have taken note of is

 'When youths are in relationships,they are definately into sexual immorality and they need to be condemned'....

Holy Jesus!! I don't blame those who fabricated this myth but blame the way our youths handle their God's temple nowadays.

Back to myth,i know it can't be stopped but why don't you reason this way with me.

The bible says: God is love.The very same God that created Adam and Eve to be together is still the same God we serve.

Having a relationship at one particular age or stage of life is not the issue but for the motive of having it.

Before i expantiate,let me quickly brief you about the second side of love we have.

THE IMMORAL LOVE: its content is carnal: lust,sin of all forms.It is the main reason why LOVE is misquoted for IMMORALITY.

Like i said earlier, having someone you love is not the issue but how you handle the relationship,what side you will like it to be. 

Some go to the extent of condemning anyone who says he/she has a partner.

I wonder why a gospel musician would be in love,have a partner and all he get is condemnation from the masses.

They will say 'So so has departed from the Lord" Why? He has a lover...

This happens because Immorality has covered that true love approved by God.


Love of purity 

Love full of Godliness

Why won't tares be mixed with wheats?

Love today no longer share the word of God with each other.

Love of this days don't pray together. 

Love of today don't stay pure until marriage.

Tell me how it won't be misquoted?

Tell me how Godfearing youths won't be afraid to love again when IMMORALITY has being covered in the name LOVE.

Let us all retrace our steps and call Love itself (GOD) into our relationships.

©Janet Adefemi