What is it on earth at the moment, that is better than the ability to think, learn and unlearn?

Today's discussion is about one of the powerful abilities possessed by man- The ability to Learn. 

Have you noticed that people learn relatively faster and slower than one another? What would take one person a lot of observation to learn, would take another to learn, in just two simple glances. 

Here, I bring two learning processes that have been tested overtime to work well. You might have seen them represented by other terms, or might not have even taken note of them. They are effective, and it's up to you to discern which works faster and better. 

LEARNING- The steps involved. 

There are generally two ways to learn. Every other way would fit into these two ways. 




This is when one learns about a thing by merely testing and experimenting, without a foundational knowledge. 

This comes with the trial method, where people learn about things by going into, or experimenting on it.

People mainly learn here after errors have been made, and some don't learn until the error counts and recounts. 

This set of people are those who ignore the manual before using a gadget. They end up breaking down every part of the engine because they are just assuming a button should perform a particular function.

This same set of people would try to drive a car without an instructor and have a difficulty reversing, until they crash into someone else's fence. 

2. LEARNING BY INQUIRIES and observations. 

This tends to be the best method of learning, where you learn by making findings and inquiries, asking questions about the subject matter, and juicing facts off experiences. 

This set of people are those who study the manual before using the gadget. 

And this same set of people are those who learn how to drive a car with a professional instructor. This way, they learn off experience by observing his steps, and making inquiries about some functions they would need to use in the nearest future. 

In this same way is life. We don't have to make the same mistakes others have made. We can also learn by observing how others have lived their lives, and achieve the results their trials and errors made them achieve in years, within months. 

Asking about a thing seems to be an issue pinned on ego. Asking how a thing is done won't kill you. Why not ask and learn faster, rather than trying it out without fore knowledge, and having to learn off your own mistakes?