Have you been thinking of enrolling in a creative class just to learn the hacks and rolls behind cake baking.

I am here to make it easier. Follow the procedures below and thank me later. 


INGREDIENTS:500g flour,500g of Butter,500g of Sugar,15 pieces of Egg.

PRESERVATIVES:Nutmeg,Baking powder(1 tea spoon),oven,Baking pan.


1.Sieve flour inside a label Bowl A

2.Inside the bowl pour all powder ingredient e.g powder preservatives,Nutmeg.

3.Mix your Butter and sugar until it is fluffy and until the sugar can no more be felt.label it bowl B.

4.Whisk your Egg until it is foamy,label it bowl C.

5.Pour the content of Bowl B inside Bowl A and mix gradually,add the content of Bowl C inside the mixture of Bowl A and B until it is soft and smooth.

6.Rub your pan with Butter and flour and then pour your mixture inside the pan and it must be more than half.

7.Bake with oven for 40-45 minutes

8.For the first 30-35 minutes,do not open or check the cake so that it will raise very well.

Here are the sizes of Pan you can use for your baking;

Size 4

Size 6

Size 8

Size 10

Size 12.

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