Is it about the money? 

Let's begin with few questions!

Why do you do stuffs? 

What makes you keep doing stuffs? 

Is it the knowledge or the sentiment of identity! Security, Achievement or the fact that you will make money off it. 

Money will make you! Money will break you. You just need to look beyond what is on the table for now. 

How do you feel when you get an offer to do something not in your line, but money is buzzing. 

I get the feeling! You want to jump at it. You want to do it.  You need to pay bills! You need to get your wallet stocked. You need to eat. Yes! you need to survive for now. 

But you don't run all those races for money and leave out your dreams because dreams won't pay today, but tomorrow will surely come. 

And when it's tomorrow. You can't continue doing all the odd stuffs you don't like for money! While you could have done something else that would bring satisfaction, achievement and money at the later end, Which is tomorrow. 

Don't ever give up on dreams because money is being offered for you to keep your eyes off it. 

No one is asking you not to work for money! You need money to power your dreams. You need money to birth reality for your dreams. But you have to work for money! then channel  it into financing your dreams. 

You have to work as much as you work for money even more for dreams. 

Nothing is worth killing your dreams. Don't give up. 

Is it about money?

Don't kill your dreams for money! 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya