Q1: Whats your Name, Name of your company. Position in the company. service and products offered by your company.

Deji Sam Ajibade, Hayroyal Consult, CEO/Lead Strategist
Services: Info tech services (web, apps, networking) and trainings.

Q2: You tell us about the smallest It business one can start with the low risk, High revenue and Low start up capital.

The smallest I.T business one can start is being an I.T professional. How do I mean: the smallest business in IT starts when you acquire that IT skill and begin to solve problems with it. There's no IT skill that can't bring high revenue; the most striking capital is the money you spend to get trained, the time you spend practising and your tools...software and hardware.
Although, building software solutions (apps, websites and web apps) seems cheaper to start compared to hardware and networking.....all you need to be a software developer is good training and your PC

Q3: What do you think a young entrepreneur needs to be able to survive in the tech ecosystem.

All a young I.T entrepreneur needs to survive in this IT market is the ability to manage the 3 Cs of IT business. 
1. Change: I.T business is subject to change; imagine what those who operates cybe cafes will be going through today? Who patronises a cafe these days?......the IT business man must be ready to accommodate change and learn latest tech fast.
2. Complexity: the IT business man must be ready to understand the complexity of the field, learn and master diff programming languages as possible, know your customer and make your solutions (done with complex tech skills) so easy and simple to use by the customers
 Q3. Competition: the IT business man must be ready to compete without being negative; be ready to challenge other products and solutions in the market, superior solutions

And most importantly; be enduring and don't give up....be smart!

Q4: What do you think is the reason why most tech startup can't survive in Nigeria tech ecosystem?

Giving up too soon is the no 1 reason. You need to start anyhow, no matter how small, but make sure you keep on growing, don't give up. Don't be intimidated by the big players in the field. Be smart, there's no sector of the economy that doesn't need IT services, so find your level of customers in the market and service them.
Many young IT business men fail because they don't recognise the market they can service to rise. Serve the markets in your level, on your way to the top.

Q5 Thank you very much for your time  sir. Do have a nice day

God bless

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