At the early stage of life. Everything you see seems beyond perfection, but when you step aside and take second look, you suddenly see reality staring back at you.

what do you really see when share a gaze with a mirror?

You seem to see a lot when standing close to it. It could be anything you never intended to see, but a second look brings it to your sense that you are staring at another complete share of your self.

Second look

In friendship, you get to a certain stage where you begin to see your friends most annoying characters, and most of it all; their negative qualities. 

In marriages, along the line you realize that the person you are married to is not so perfect as you had always wanted or you had assume she would be. With this observations, you suddenly began to see your glaring differences and it makes you wonder what you saw in them in the first place. 

You suddenly begin to ask lots of questions. "What happened? "where did all the loving feelings go?"

One thing you should understand is this. -Nothing actually went wrong- Reality only took place! And in a real way, it's good. 

We seem not to understand that great relationship needs to be based on reality, which is the true understanding and acceptance of another's faults, shortcoming and weaknesses. 

This is the stage where we have to accept the fact that we're not so hot either! it's in this honest acceptance of each other's.

The first glance is good, amazing! It engineers relationships. But we fail to wait for or assume and get positioned for short comings. There most people give up. It's easy to give up because we no longer possess the sense of awe and wonder we possessed at the first glance stage.

last sight

The last sight aids working it into perfection. 

It's a point in which you get to know each other perfectly. Knowing each other faults, fears, and true feelings. But your love is secure as you work to grow closer everyday, tending to address fault in a corrective way. 

© Alex isenhart