I would love to start this with every form of simplicity as I iron out the fact behind the word 'good' and 'bad' with this term that looks almost confusing. 

Will you pay me attention even if you don't owe me some?

Same way! will you do me good even if I have done you bad?

What happens if good happens to only those who do good. 

Will earth still be sustained? 


Will earth still be a better place?

but I tell you, if good happens to only those who do good and everyone wants to do bad because people have done them bad... 

Then, no one will be left to do good! 

Things will crumble and war will start from the family. 

The world will end. 


Because we have gone through a lot, because we have been through hell and pain, shouldn't make us want to leave the world more dangerous than we met it. 

why not do good no matter what! 


Do good without expecting a reward!

Do good to those who can pay you back and equally do good to those who can't pay you back. 

When we do good expecting good and then good don't come back we get hurt and never want to do good. 

That's why you should do good expecting no reward. 

NOW BACK TO THE OPENER, (term explanation)

If GULDER(a beer manufacturing company in Nigeria.)  is the only GOOD who then will BARE the BEER

  Simply means if we only do good to those who will do us good who then will sustain the world.