How To Read For An Examination 

        Reading for an examination is not something difficult. Students panic when examinations draw closer.  Note that examinations are not  to scare you, but to evaluate your understanding of the subject. 

       These six (6) steps will help you prepare well for an examination:

1. Display all the books you have to read for the examination: Seeing those books on your table might scare you, but then, it gives you a sense or motivation for reading fast. Reading fast in this context, doesn't mean glancing through the book, but studying effectively and fast to quickly cover up. When a man sees the amount of work he has to do, he tends to buckle up.

2. Assume a good reading position for yourself: Good positioning depends on oneself. A student might feel that lying down works best for him, while another prefers to sit. What is important is, assuming a position that's comfortable for assimilation.

3. Read and play:  You should play to relax. Reading at a go might be good, but, you should also engage yourself in activities that relax your brain. Let us assume you have  five hours to read; you fix four hours for reading and take a one-hour break in between, and relax. You could play games, preferably indoor ones or watch TV.

4. Read in and out: The syllabus is a good guide for students. Follow the syllabus and try expanding your knowledge, by studying things outside of, but still in the same context to it. 

      For example, as a student, you decide to read Mathematics, and the topic  is TRIANGLE. You shouldn't just jump into the workings. You could first learn the formulas, digest them,  and ruminate over them. After, you solve a few problems, step by step.

5.  Get something that keeps you going while reading: This is another interesting point that virtually every student likes.  There are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself going, like chewing gum or garri, taking nescafe  and so on, to mention a few.

      For those who read at night, night is the best time to sleep. However, when you decide to read at night and you notice your eyes are closing, do something to keep the sleep away, if you'd rather not sleep. 

6. Enjoy a deep night's sleep before  the examination: Deep sleep? Yes, a deep one. This is to rest your brain and digest all that you've read. Reading a night before the exam is not advisable.

     Try out these steps and become more confident for your examinations.

© Adedeji Michael.