How to live an hurt free life

Why exactly are you hiding your heart today?  What are you using to cover up your hurts and pains? What are you using to keep people away from seeing the real you? How do you intend to remove the band-aids and expose your heart so you can embrace authentic relationships?

 It's all about your choice. You really do have to make a choice. You have to be willing to risk the awkwardness of being vulnerable. You have to decide, that being real,open, and honest is more important than the opinions of others-- You only try to see what you think of them.


It is actually painful to tear off a Band-Aid. isn't it? I have really learnt how remove them slowly, one hair at a time. I have always tried pulling them off under water. I have always tried all kinds of ways,but what works best is the grip-it-and-rip-it method. It might be painful and  heart breaking. But the pain would never last eternity, that I am sure of. Better just to get it done. Understand that revealing is healing. Revealing your heart is the first step to living from your heart. Only when you live from your heart. Then you can be truly be free.

©Alex Isenhart