How to grow a strong and long nail.

    Growing of strong and long nails is one of the few things some people have secretly admired. Though some dislike it with passion due to its ability to hold on dirt which anyone would relate to germs. Some just feel it's irritating and always want it short. Despite all, we can't deny the fact that some people really want their nails long and strong. You are welcome! You have read this too long to deny you don't want the long nails. 

Long and strong nails doesn't just grow over night. There is a process to it. 

 It might take you more than weeks, even period running into months to build your desired nails. 

See what we gathered for you. This tips would enhances an healthy growth of your nails so fine. 

1. Take off the nail polish: If your nails are too bad that you are always afraid to bring it out . You might need to go through  this article. 

 That white substance that settles at the  uppermost part of your nails is the nail polish. Take it off. 

 2. Start from zero: This is about starting from point Zero. It would help the sharping of your nails. Just file your nails, make them short and get ready for the new growth. 

3. Get a good shape for your nails: We have so many nail shapes like oval, squoval, square, round, almond.  choose wisely. Square shapes break easily and some shapes might be fragile. This is why I asked you to start from the scratch you need to get the nails shaped so it would grow into your desired set of nails. 

4. Soak your nails in gelatin: This would make your nails stronger. Soak your nails in warm Water or gelatin.. Don't panic... It won't hurt. Maybe a little. I am not asking you to make your water hit 100 °C. Just a slight steaming would do. 

5. Don't allow cutting cuticles: If you notice that your cuticle are overgrown. Don't cut. You just need to push it back. Ok!!!

6. Get a glove: This might be helpful. Just get one. Put them on while cleaning. It would avoid those crazy dirt and it would go a long way to prevent accidents. 

     To keep your nails stronger and longer you can also apply a strengthening treatment. Over look the stress just do it. See you soon with your beautiful, long and strong nails. 

© Adedeji Michael