How Many Times Should You Brush In A Day?

     The teeth are delicate structures of the body contained in the mouth. Sometimes, getting up in the morning to brush your teeth is the hardest part of the day. It all just hurts. Sorry, but you know it's a must.


     The above question is about to be answered. " How many times should you brush your teeth?" Don't relax. Fasten your seat belt.

     To prevent tooth decay or rainbow teeth, you need to brush your teeth twice daily,  with fluoride toothpaste to remove dirt, stubborn meat debris and the sugar deposits from the sugary foods and drinks consumed in your diet.

   You can also follow these steps to keep your teeth healthy:

· Brush for at least two minutes, twice daily, with a flouridated toothpaste. I see someone laughing already. You can brush your teeth in the morning with normal toothpaste,  but in preventing tooth decay, use flouridated toothpaste.

· Brush at night and at  least on one other  occasion. You can choose a morning and night daily routine. Really, that's perfect.

· Brush along the gum line, as well as the teeth themselves.

. Brush all surfaces of the teeth.

     If you have spaces between your teeth, dental floss or tape can be used to remove dirt.

   © Adedeji Michael