Are you a pet owner and you have not been taking good care of your pet? Do you know it's your responsibility to take good care of them?

      Read these 5 pieces of information on how best to treat your pet, and you will be amazed on how wrong you've been going about it. 

1. Have a daily routine for your pet: Bathe, brush, and dress them to make sure they look good. 

2. Celebrate their birthdays every year, with a pet party:  Invite their pet mates over for playdates and give them birthday gifts. 

3. Take them everywhere you go: Don't allow your pet to be lonely. Prepare a traveling arrangement for them and make them your pride. 

4. Include your pet name in your signature: Though, this point might seem funny, it's necessary. When you are to sign a greeting card, include your pet name. 

5. Get a babysitter to look after your pet: While you are out on an appointment and can't afford your pet showing up with you, have them baby sitted by a bigger pet of their kind, to make them comfortable. The main reason for this, is to give them a sense that you care about them. 

      These points might actually be funny, but they're true. Show your pet, the love you would show your offspring.

©  Adedeji Michael