Have you been scrubbing to hard lately? This tips will help you remove stains easily.

     We've all been faced with difficulties trying to remove a stain from our walls, countertops, floors or other hard surface and majorly fabrics. You might have suffered some hard times trying to remove a stain from that substance and you feel the stain would never go off. Well this article is for you. 

Like we all know a tip might 

not work for all stain. So we helped mention just few stains and tips that would help remove the stains. 


This article isn't all about what will remove those hard stains. In a way it's a bit about that. But we have helped explain things, telling What and How. 

Just four stains that you find hard to remove is why this article was written. 

 1. Blood:

Wipe the stain with cold, soapy water vigorously and dry. Cold water? Yes! Cold water. Make sure you completely wringing out the sponge or towel so you are not dripping dirty water down the surface.


Freeze the gum by placing ice cubes on it. This make removal much easier. Scrape off the gun. Wipe down with warm soapy water, rinse off the spot and dry.


OK! cheaters can have this from me as a gift. Not just cheaters deal with lipstick stains, you know! so let's get quick with the magic Lipstick stain removal. 

To remove a lipstick stain add alcohol and wash it off. To remove liquid foundation  stain use hydrogen peroxide that works real quick. 


 3  INK: There's no need to sweat all you need to remove an ink stain from a hard surface is a towel and hot soapy water.

4. OIL PALM: This would go off easily when you add kerosene to the stained spot and you expose the cloth to adequate sunlight. 

  I guess no other stain looks permanent better than Blood, ink,  lipstick, and oil. 

Have a nice day


     © Adedeji Michael