Is it because you are down? 

Is it because you feel so broken and dejected? 

Are all these why you take worry as an option?

Worry does more harm than good!  I tell you. 

There are people who aren't half as rich as you are! Yet, they worry about nothing and still give the little they have to the less. 

There are people who have faced worse trials than you have!  Why worry, when they are still on their feet,  making good out of the life others claim to only yield bad?

Worry won't make things better. 

It's a negative thought.

Worry makes you think on why things are bad, how bad things are and how much worse things could get.

It's a ditch and you would get hurt over and over again, falling into it. 

You can lay hold on positivity instead! Think on why things should be better, and take actions to make things better. 

Think about what is working, and take your eyes off what is not. 

Your thinking everything is not working, is as a result of your not taking your eyes off things that are crumbling. 

Worry doesn't even make things better! It doesn't improve things. Worry steals the time you should invest into making things work! 

Those times you feel everything is bad, your only option of locking yourself up in isolation, would only make things worst. 

Worry makes you revisit the pain felt at the initial point of failure. 

It's like one going through a break up, and is drinking and thinking about the break up moment. The pain and the emotional trauma come flooding in.

Worry is like stabbing a fresh wound over and over again. It gets fresher and the pain increases. Soon, the injured part would be ripped off. 

Worry rips off life, when it gets too much. 

Why think about what you can never control, and leave the balls, right in your court, to go out of control?

Smile at life! Smile when the trials come! Smile when things don't work out. 

With time, taking the right actions to counter failure will work out. 

At a point in time, every man would have a reason or two to worry. But I tell you, worry less. If possible, worry no more. Put yourself together and show life how better things can be. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya