It happens everyday with a life that you think might be no more, today or the next. 

How do you feel walking in the streets? How do you feel watching those accidents? Have you ever witnessed one? 

You watch the daily news. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram- these platforms serve you with crazy things happening around the world, causing you to feel the world would end anytime soon. 

If this is, then why save money?

I tell you, hundreds of years ago, it was more terrible than this. You heard about the wars, the riots, more deadlier historical moments, plagues, disease outbreaks wiping out an entire community.

 Then, people felt the world would end the next day and everything would vanish, including money. 

However, right here, is a newer generation, where money is still valid. Although, the concept of it changes, the possession constant is still constant. 

This will lead me to my next question. 


Yes, you give to the poor. You live a good life, loyal to your wife, and good to the family. You help the mosque, and donate to the church, pay workers, buy food, and tip good services...

Can you see, all those are things you do for people?

Apart from the people you take out on a date, have you ever paid your self well for doing good, by taking your shadow out on a date?

I am literally not asking you to kick up that jacket and get down to a fast food joint; you'd just make the restaurant richer. Though food is good, I am saying, save off all you make.  

Just 10% or 5% off every of your earnings will do. Lock it up somewhere, probably an account you can't touch, and forget it for a long period of time. 

Saving off your earnings for your future use, is one way to take your shadow out on a date. 

You would be saving 10% or 5% off your earnings, and will notice how much you have, whenever you decide to take your shadow on a date. 

That will make you stack up enough for the future, or the day of emergency, when every money lender has his window shut against you. 

©Godwin Okhuoya.