Becoming a racer came with a good feeling and all I wanted to do was race. 

Encouragement and backing from coaches and friends made me want to race more. Soon racing became tedious and more challenging cause of the predetermined time and distance that became overwhelming. 

I forged ahead to Hill climbing, having to arrive at the finish line by crossing the hard obstacles. It was taking a lot of stamina and much more power was needed in order to do the climbing.

 Paths weren't smooth neither was it straight. I began to lose my boot and had a cut. I gave myself to more trainings but exhaustion was all I got as profit. Nothing more. Not a piece of dry bread. 

Expected time of arrival was still unachievable. I then heard of a "G" that could make the race easier. I sought the "G" and got grace. God gave me grace making me great. I became the best of racers, also doing due diligence. I didn't just remain a racer but also a progress maker. 

Only God gives grace,we can only race

©Fidamilola Olojede