Yes, a person can't be an island. At one point or the other in everyone's life, your existence will depend on someone else, either socially, emotionally, materially talk of anything. The human brain needs to be stimulated and one of the ways to do this is by interacting with fellow human beings, by being social. Even as this is so essential in the human journey, it shouldn't decide the way we see ourselves. So many people have belittled themselves into thinking they are what people say they are. This brings me to some key things you don't have to wait till someone tells you, they should come from within, not without. 

1. Don't wait till someone tells you, you are awesome. You must first be convicted within you before people start to see the awesomeness. Tell yourself, you are awesome. This is not pride. It's being self aware of your potentials and embracing it. 

2. Don't wait till they tell you, you can do it. They don't know the magnitude of your strength. They only know what you showed them. The one hidden is only known by you, so why wait till they tell you to go ahead. Life is all about taking risks. Sleeping and waking each day is a risk on it's own. So buckle up and do that thing. 

3. Don't wait till they say, you are beautiful. God created all things beautiful. Nobody was there when he was moulding you, and to my best knowledge, God doesn't just do things. He does them with purpose. How can a beautiful God create ugly things?

4. Don't wait till they beg you to finish. Why start it when there's no plan to finish. The failure to plan means you are planning to fail. They shouldn't beg you to start, neither should they beg you to finish. It should come from within. 

5. Don't wait till they tell you to try again. Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. There's no success if you are down and you refuse to get up. Why give up when there's an option of trying again?

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