Four types of people you meet at a viewing center. 

If the term, "viewing center", still sounds strange to you, then two things must be involved:

It's either you are not a Nigerian or you don't like the game of football. 

No doubt, two in every three Nigerian streets have a viewing center; a place where people come together, and pay a particular fee to watch a live football match. 

There are four different types of people you would meet at a viewing center. 

1. The doves: They are the very gentle ones. They just come in, get a ticket and watch the match quietly. They listen to bants and smile, if it gets funny. 

2. The bulls: These ones are used to sharing their breath. They shout almost at every chance the ball gets close to the post and at any chance the ball crosses the goal line. They scream in people's faces. They are very aggressive and can go as far as pulling down the TV and upturning chairs to celebrate. Lol.

3: The banters: These people try to crack up everyone in the viewing center. They are the reason why some people come to watch matches. They usually don't have a team and if they do, have their teams hidden. They make fun of anything and everything and are always the ones who cause fights at a viewing center. They make fun of your team when things go ugly, and their teams are not spared either.

4: The complainers: These ones always act like football is never fun, that, at times you wonder why they keep coming back to get tickets. They don't see anything good in the bad and they complain at everything. They don't spare a match of complaints.

You might not have to watch a match in a viewing center, but anytime you get to watch a match with peers, family or friends, you should spot these kinds of people quickly. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya