Four ways to prevent tooth decay

You might be faced with a little trouble battling tooth decay, and it might be the case of a dental problem you feel could occur in the future. This would help you out. Four things you need to do to keep your teeth healthy. 

1. Don't get Lazy 

You shy away from the hard work right? Think of it. It could be hard, running the paste on the bristle like a dead snake, going to and fro on your teeth which might be wrong. 
It's hard work to be honest, brushing your teeth even once a day. At times you just wish you could make it clean with a flick right in bed. I also wish that would be possible, but facing the truth we all know that would only happen in a mystical fairy land. 
You just have to stop been lazy and brush your teeth at least twice a day. 
Using a soft bristle brush also helps. The hard bristle brush would go quick at damaging your teeth structure and gum. 

2. Don't get too attached

What happens when it becomes your favorite. I am in talk of your favorite tooth brush. It must have been a gift. You might just like that exact type of brush and you feel you can get a replacement. The company that had it made might now be out of work or an exact replacement might be quite extra expensive. 
I get it all. The whole reason for such attachment. I get it. 
A tooth brush should be replaced after three or four month. By then the soft bristle must have been going out of shape, weak. Now incapable of doing the right job on your teeth. 

3. Stop been selective. 

You brush your teeth so well, that you move so fast and hard, going to and fro; doing the perfect job over and over again, but you just end up falling into this trap: you forget that your teeth is not one-sided. You forget the inside surface of your teeth. Brush the inside surface like you brush the outer surface. Stop been selective. 

4. Take care of the space 

I know your teeth are tightly packed. A bit tightly pack that your fingers can't go in between the tinny space left out between each teeth in a roll. 
That is only for your fingers. At times you eat and meat get stocked right in those spaces you leave out. Vegetables get there and act like they have found an abode. 
Don't think of getting out those stuffs with a spade,  spanner or knife. Using a floss will help you out. 
You just have to keep that space clean just to avoid tooth          decays-causing bacteria still lingering between your teeth.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya